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"If you wanna know if he really loves you so, it's in his kiss"?Kissing in this way outside of the bonds of marriage neither proves nor enhances true love.

(It would be a stretch to say that Paul was instructing husbands and wives to do something which normally requires no prompting).

But premarital kissing does not fall under the same category as kissing a fellow believer, your sister, your dog or your parakeet.

But those who defend the activity might still say, "Perhaps it's best to refrain, but I don't see it condemned in the Bible, so it can't be sin." This is a weak argument at best. Obviously, not every kind of extramarital kiss can be wrong.

The apostle Paul expressly commands us, on several occasions, to greet one another with a holy kiss.

Rather, it hinders true communication between the couple. Isn't one reason that we are to keep ourselves pure for the person who will one day be our spouse? Can we not extend this to say: We may not kiss anyone who isn't our lawful spouse; someone who's single has no lawful spouse; therefore singles may not kiss? Let's assume for the moment that premarital kissing is permissible. Therefore, we have a premise: It is OK to kiss someone who is not your lawful spouse. I maintain that the reason extramarital kissing is not permissible is that such kissing is sexual in nature. Working backwards, then, it would be wrong extramaritally, and it would be wrong premaritally. Can you find me a Scripture passage condemning petting, or other practices that don't go "all the way" to include the act of intercourse, yet involve passion and intimacy between unmarried persons?